How 3D Laser Printers Will Change Our Lives Completely

How 3D Laser Printers Will Change Our Lives Completely

The talk of 3D printing and how it will revolutionize the world with rapid printing has been floating about for a while. Mention this in any technological circle and you will have many people telling you how they can’t wait to invest in a 3- D printer and get to create their own things at home. But exactly what is this 3-D printing?

What 3-D printing is

Ideally the general idea of 3-D printing is the capability of producing three dimensional objects from a specific digital file. Basically it works by inputting a blueprint and using specified printers to add layer upon layers of material to an object until it completely resembles the blue print as a 3 d object.  Here is a look at 3-D printing in actions.

Uses of 3-D printing technology

Since its introduction some three decades ago 3 d laser printing has been successfully used in various areas especially in the gaming industry. Lately its research and technological advancement has made progressive steps and thus more than plastics are being printed with metal, concrete and even cells are being grown. With the rapid advancement the advantages of 3D laser printing are expected to be felt in;

• Organ regeneration

Ideally as one of the most researched areas, people are in need of organs and fast. Recently conclusive studies have shown that it is safe to actually print and use organs from 3d laser printers on mice. With time it is expected to be used in humans and thus largely shorten organ waiting list.

• Building industry

With successive research and tests done on printing 3 dimensional buildings, the use of this is expected to grow exponentially. This translates to shorter building time and less wastage of building materials.

• Mechanical industry

Finally as printing of three dimensional objects from plastic and metal has been made in the past, some sort of progress is expected in the automobile industry. With this manufacturing cost and time will be done faster and more effectively.

How realistic is 3 d laser printing

Ideally as much as 3 D laser printing is something that is expected to cut cost and quickly create objects from mere press of a button, the technology has not reached there yet. Ideally as per now, investing in a small 3-D laser printer is very expensive. Also a lot of meticulously post processing is made on printed objects and this cost a lot of time and money. Needless to say however as much as traditional manufacturing is stronger and better quality, 3- D laser printing is advancing fast and hence soon enough one will be able to simply download and print products from their comfort of own home.