How to Make Your Cell Phone More Robust

Unless if you were using a Nokia 3310, there is every chance in the world that the phone you are using now is not as robust (read: fast) as it should be. And you might be wondering how you can make it faster.

While there are many ways that you can make your phone, iPhone repair San Jose, more robust, it is important to understand a smartphone in the simplest of terms. It is basically a computing machine that you can hold in your hand. It has an operating system and virtual memory or RAM. If you know anything about computers, you already know that the speed at which it operates basically depends on the RAM. A laptop with a 2GB virtual memory is a powerhouse compared to a gadget that only has 512RAM.

While most smartphones today have at least 2GB of virtual memory, most users waste the capacity in several ways.

One problem that we are seeing is the opening of many apps in the background. If you are done using an app, make sure that you close it by clicking on the clear button of your phone. You can close one app or close all of the apps that you are using.

Aside from closing apps, another way that you can optimize the performance of your phone is by turning off the sync feature or push messaging feature. When it is turned on, your phone will constantly ring with alarm on every incoming message not just to your phone number, but from Facebook and chat apps as well. Sync feature means you will also get email alerts on the email that is associated with your phone.

Aside from the sync feature, turn off automatic updates on your app because, well, it will just waste your phone’s RAM aside from bandwidth. Give yourself permission to be the true master of your phone by determining which apps should be updated.
As you can see from above, optimizing your phone is really a lot like optimizing your computer. You decide what to update and when. And you also close programs. And just like your computer, your phone could also be affected by the number of programs that are installed. That said, uninstall any unnecessary programs.

Unfortunately for you, there are no services that specifically address the issue of the RAM itself. What we mean is that you are virtually stuck with the RAM that your phone was made with – there are no hopes for an update. But this is not something you should be upset about.

AS we said earlier, most smartphones are powerhouses of computing power, even if they are handheld devices. However, if you are experiencing problems with your phone no matter what you do, you might want to restore your phone to factory settings. It will delete all the current programming on your phone so that the RAM has fewer background processes to work on. Try it if nothing that we shared here works.